Work From Home in 2016: Avoid These Hurdles!

Work From Home in 2016: Avoid These Hurdles!


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Yes, it’s that time of the year. People make resolutions. Traditional ones are like: “I will exercise more, I’ll loose some weight – or here is another one – “I’ll finally be able to work from home and be my own boss.”

Hmm!? But do you know, what is vital for you do to, if you want to achieve those goals?

How many times have you promised yourself something like that? Probably more than once. Well, this is not the place to preach about our mistakes from the past.

Here are some necessary steps and the obstacles you must avoid to finally reach your goals in the 2016.

Hurdle number one: What Do I really Want? 


Here is how you can Get Over It

Know Your Target – how can you reach your goal, if you even don’t know, where you are aiming for!?

First things first. Even though this might seem silly to you – create your game plan. Break it into different ones. These are your daily, monthly, yearly goals.

Hurdle number two: Do I have a System in Place?

Get Yourself a Roadmap

Don’t be a ship in the middle of the open sea running in circles! Eventually, you’ll run out of steam. Follow a straight line (as much as that is possible), because there are really no straight lines in business. Stop chasing shiny objects. Trust me – there are really no miracle get rich solutions out there! Yes, some of so called “shiny bullets” might even work for a day or two, but I guess you’ like to play this game long term? So, follow the system, that actually brings in the results.

Hurdle number three: Don’t be Afraid To Show Up!

Trust me, Fear, is just a Four letter word…

This might sound like a cheap cliche, but there is a lot of truth in the saying “80% of Winning is Just Showing Up”. Even if you do something and fail miserably by doing it, you’ll beat more than 80% of the people, who won’t even dare to step in the ring!

Hurdle number four : It’s so Hard…

Prey For Competition, it makes you stronger

There are “armies” of people, who never start anything really worth doing. Just because of the fact, it is hard. 2016 will be completely different if you look hurdles the other way around. By simply accepting the hurdles as something excellent and just a new step towards greater success. Trust me, when people see a hurdle in front of them, they quit. If the hurdle seems really high, the majority quits. And guess what this brings to you? Yes, you got it – Less competition! With this approach you’ll be the last man/woman standing!

Hurdle number five: It’s hard to spot the Right Opportunity?

Don’t wait for the puck, instead anticipate, where it will end up

There comes a new solution on to the market. Everyone jumps in. And the obvious happens. The solution no longer brings in the advantage, because everyone else is using it. Don’t be one of the crowd. Always have additional ace upon your sleeve. Remember, there is an old saying in the world of business and the world of sport: “You are only as good as your last game!” There are new people coming to the arena, hungry for success. As you read this, they are forging new tools and new “weapons”. You cannot afford to stay behind.

Make sure to do something everyday, that will bring your “game” to the next level. Don’t do it next week, tomorrow or in two hours. Take action Now!

There is one more thing. Everything is easier with the right set of online tools. Have you got these?

They are FREE!