Stop! This is the most boring article ever written. Don’t read it. Seriously.

Friday, 10:28 a.m.



You have been warned! And by some coincidence, you are still here.


Because of that, I am going to tell you, what is the most amazing thing about this article and why it is so special. I also have a challenge for you. It has been tested, that only 6 of 100 people can solve this puzzle. If you’d like to take your chances, you have to read everything carefully. If you won’t, you just don’t stand a chance to make it!

But first, take a few seconds and go through the headline below…


Amy R. Wood shares the The amazing story of her

87 year old illiterate Grandfather & multiple New York Times

best selling author who never wrote a single

book in his life!

Strange title, would you agree? Best selling author, who never wrote a book in his life!? When you see something like that, you probably think – the guy who wrote this headline must be an idiot. However, there is a great chance you will read the story. Probably much greater if the title would read something like:


Amy R. Wood explains the statistics and publishing details of her

87 old grandfather who wrote a couple of New York Times

best sellers.

The story that follows could have been the same. In second case, you wouldn’t have a chance to share it with the readers. Simply, because they wouldn’t bother to read further.

There are various studies out there about the attention span of people today. Couple of newer ones claim you’ve got 4 seconds max to grab their attention. After that, they are gone. In todays abundant market, probably for good (that is already another topic).

Some people neglect this rule in their business. As a consequence, their sales are low and they usually don’t have enough costumers. They say this stuff is boring and not important. Boy, they are wrong!

My intention was, to grab your attention with my headline. If you are still here, I think I succeeded. Well, before you write a tittle (or marketing copy for your business) next time, think about that. Think about the four second rule.

On the other hand. You must be aware of the most important rule. Always deliver what you promised in the headline!

I did that with this one, right?



                               Bostjan Belcic

                                       “The boring one”


You may be wondering what the puzzle I wrote about is. I must apologise, because it is a bit different, that you might expected. It is not about providing the right answer, but all about taking action. It has been proven time and time again that even though people are given all the necessary tools, they never put them to use. Are you different? Are you going to implement what you learned today? Are you one of the elite 6?


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