Second is The First Loser!

Second is The First Loser!

Wednesday, 10:40 a.m.


There is a good chance you won’t agree with the tittle above. There is even a chance you might think people who believe in this principle are total idiots….

Whatever. Different people, different values and belief systems. But one thing is certain. I’ve spent mored than 20 years following the elite sports circuits. From probably most expensive competition on earth – formula 1 racing with teams spending over half a billion of dollars per years for running two cars over 18 races on different continents to less expensive, but similarly competetive world cup ski racing. Saying that, playing golf is one of my dear hobbies.

So, if we take an example from the world of gold. Do you think that the player, who needs one stroke less than the nearest competitor to finish the final round at Augusta National is really that much better than the 2nd on the table. Measured in different numbers – a couple hundred thousand dollars better? Really?

Or the runner who wins gold medal by the smallest of margins. Or the swimmer… If you ask me, those differences are ridiculous. Differences in prizes mostly unfair. But, if you are doing business – you should accept that life is not always fair. You won’t be able to change those rules unless you live in the remote island in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Instead, turn them to your advantage. I once read that the majority of the people (if they are not acceptionable lazy) work close to a 90% of their abilities during their life time.

Even if they reach the retirement age. Simply, because they cannot afford to retire in this day and age. Isn’t it better to think differently? Like those top athletes and most successful businessmen?

What is the right approach then, you might ask? The answer is simple. Work 3-5 years at 120% of your abilities and enjoy the rest of your life crusing at the rate you are comfortable at.

Better said – you should not work harder, but smarter. Here is how.


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