Important Message For Entrepreneurs Who Are Afraid To Fly

Important Message For Entrepreneurs Who Are Afraid To Fly


Monday, 9:35 a.m.



My neighbour is a pilot. Very cool guy. What is interesting, one could never guess he is actually flying a plane for a living. When you meet him, you would think he is not serious enough for this business. I like planes myself, but have certain issues with flying. I don’t like it too much.

Therefore I bother him with question about flight safety, issues and situations that can happen during the flight. If you are like me, I won’t be writing about “near miss” encounters in the air that are much more common that you might think.

I’ll rather write about the meassures pilots and airline companies take to make flying more secure. If you meet my friend, he will openly admit, that he is not the guy who remembers everything. On the contrary. But this doesn’t mean he is a bad pilot. On the contrary.

In the air or when he is preparing for the take off, he always

follows the strict routine – or so called checklist.

His list is long and it is important that he goes through it every time he seat in the cockpit. And here we stumble upon the world of entrepreneurs. If you had a chance to meet some of the best, they will tell you their world is somewhat similar to the world of pilots. Yes, they follow check lists and systems in every day life.

Especially when it comes to creating new products, expanding their business or service and by doing so taking in more revenue. Many people are afraid when it comes to flying. Even more of them are afraid, when they are embarking on the new business venture or when they start looking for the new opportunities.

In the events like this, having the right checklist can be the difference between safe flight or crashing or between earning five figures per month or going broke. Here is the time proven checklist that is a must have in every entrepreneur’s your bag of tricks:

  • Do you know everything there is to know about your audience (customer) – age, interest, income, location…
  • What is the single biggest problem your customer is facing?
  • How can you help her (him)?
  • Why is your service better than the service competition is offering?
  • Do you know how much it costs you to acquire new costumer?
  • Do you know the life time value of your costumer?
  • Do you have a funnel in place (front end, back end product)?
  • When you prepare your advertising is it made in a way you can build a list of customers?
  • Does your advertising “read” like a salesman would speak?
  • What is your planned ROI (return on investment)?