Who is the Wizzard hidding behind the curtain?


 I would ask myself just exactly the same question when visiting a new site, so here are a few words you might be interested to read...


There is a good chance you stumbled upon a so called internet marketing guru who claimed he owns at least 14 supercars, a 50 feet yacht in Monte Carlo + business in a Fortune 500 range. What is even better. He can help you get the same with a simple click of a button…

These are more often than not, false claims, you can usually find on sites full of fancy icons and shiny graphics. I prefer simple approach and proven facts.


My whole idea about running my business is – you should always be yourself. If you pretend to be someone, you are not, people will eventually see through you. Even if this by some miracle won’t happen (because it always does), acting to be someone else will eventually hurt you.

For example, I like to play golf and I will always defend this sport in the company of the people, who think that golf is a hobby for individuals who are afraid to do something more spectacular…

Even F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton plays Golf from time to time…

 This is the whole reason behind the BeBestKlub. As long as I remember I like to apply marketing  lessons I learned in professional sport arenas. If I look back, there is probably a good reason for that.

Years before I made first online project and I was working as a journalist involved with formula 1, golf, tennis and alpine skiing I read the book Mark McCormack, the founder of the first Sporting Agency – IMG,  wrote. This was when I first become interested in marketing. Many books and lessons followed.

Especially helpful were my active years travelling with “Formula 1 circus”, as this is probably best example of sport working hand in hand with marketing. Some people don’t like this championship because of this, but for me it was great learning experience.

In Slovenia, where I was born and raised, we use a “K” for a Club – therefore it’s called a Klub. In that way I can show where I come from in a second. Yes, this is one of the smallest countries in the world, but I don’t take this as a downside but as an advantage.

Here is one more interesting example. In my journalist years I have been visiting famous downhill race in Kitzbuhel every year, where I met “Mr. I’ll Be Back” – Arnold Schwarzenegger – one of the best known self made men out there, who is as you know – originally from Graz Austria (our neighbouring country).

I’ll never forget  answer in one of his early interviews, when asked, why didn’t he change his name for acting purposes? The reason being – it is hard for the people to spell Schwarzenegger.

His response: “That might be true, but once they get familiar with this name, it will be hard for them to forget it!”

The very 1st Lesson about the importance of your USP!


You have to know, this is the about section, so I had to write couple of sentences about me. But in the world of business and marketing it is never about “me”, but about “you” my friend – or latter about your customers. Remember that!

So, what is it in for me than, you might ask…


The answer is simple. I am positive this page can help you lift your business to the next level.

If you are someone just starting out and looking for a new source of income, you’ll be able to enjoy success much sooner and save yourself a ton of headache and especially money chasing those “golden touch of a button miracle opportunities” .

You are grizzled veteran? Great, you’ll be able to learn a few tricks other people don’t know anything about…

 kimi raikkonen_bebestklub.jepg
You think you know everything? Years ago at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.
Before this lesson with Kimi Raikkonen, I thought I knew how to drive a car…  

Feel free to look around, grab the free goodies available on this page (and make sure you bookmark it, because I am always adding new interesting stuff).

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Remember: “The first guy takes the Bride!”


                      See you inside…

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